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Aki KURASHIMA , who is the owner of KOME KOME ADELAIDE, came to Adelaide from Tokyo in 2006 and had a stall shop-"AKI'S HAND" in the Adelaide Showgrounds Farmers' Market. He was selling mainly **"Macrobiotic" items, like handmade tofu, Macrobiotic carrot cake, gluten-free soy milk fondant chocolate and he using okara to make biscuits, cakes, quiche, gyoza, salad and even a unique okara and beef doughnut. 
Most commendable is Aki's Baking skill, which has seen him win two significant prizes in national competitions. At the 2011 Queensland Baking Show, he won best decorated gateau for his chocolate opera cake and took top prize in the table bread roll category at the National Baking Awards for his small brioche buns.
And in 2017 he opens "KOME KOME ADELAIDE" - Japanese influenced cafe at Plant 4 Bowden. We offer macrobiotic products and also Western and traditional Japanese dishes, sweets and vegetarian choice, reflecting his many interests and diverse training as a chef, which began in Spanish restaurant in Tokyo. He is always saying "It's a common misunderstanding that healthy food is not s interesting or delicious. That is why I take such a lot of time to make everything by hand, to make sure each item looks beautiful also."Many of his goods are also available gluten-free, with trials being conducted on more products to bolster the growing demand for flavoursome gluten-free goods.
And at KOME KOME ADELAIDE, we would like to present the marriage of COFFEE and JAPANESE FOOD. We keen to serve the best coffee to our customers and would like our customers to enjoy Sushi ( Japanese food) x Coffee! 
** Macrobiotic - it translates from Greek to mean large life- it is an eating philosophy designed to enhance living. In essence, it involves eating locally grown whole grain cereals and pulses as a staple food, supplemented with vegetables, seaweed, soy products and fruits combined into meals according each season and climate.

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Plant 4 Bowden
Third Street, Bowden SA 5007

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